Why Is It Always Israel?


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Nalvalny I guess you can say is or was the opposite of me as I am being used against the Pro Israeli blackmailers and get no publicity, while Navalny is or was a Pro Israeli Propagandist who gets loads of Pro Israeli publicity as this article proves.

A few years back, I recall Nalvalny allegedly being poisoned with a nerve agent and the Pro Israeli press were all blaming Putin. He was treated in Germany and recovered. Then he inexplicably went back to Putin's Russia of his own free will, where he was later arrested in a blaze of Pro Israeli publicity. I remember questioning at the time, why he would go back to Russia, while the man who allegedly poisoned him was still in charge. now that he has been allegedly killed (according to Pro Israeli media) by the same nerve agent, I am still asking that question? (why he went back?).

Now it is reported that his best friend was Israel's ex deputy Prime minister? What a smell!

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