No More Heros

on: October 10, 2020, 12:35:19 PM So another batch of awards to comedians, runners and a guy that talks about monkeys. Not a single mention of the guy that single handedly removed at least 3 corrupt prime ministers and counting oh yes and one Scottish first minister and counting.… Read More


Special Forces

On Tuesday 22nd march 2016, I left my forest prison on the outskirts of Perth to go and sign on at the Job center, something I am compelled to do in order to get enough money to survive, it is made worse by the fact that the date and time of the appointment is set by the British State, the very people who are imprisoning and intimidating me so they know exactly when I will be coming and going.… Read More

Fony Fued

So I have been reading up on this phony feud between Herr Sturgeon and Alex salmond that someone from the EU has kindly linked to my RSS feed on my news site. https://www.debateforums.net/discussion/114434/scotland-s-salmond-vs-sturgeon-fight-explained

Reading between the lines with the added benefit of knowing what is really going on here, I would say that the kind (hehe) Mr Salmond is offering you a way out Herr Sturgeon before you (inevitably) meet with the same (humiliating) fate as him and let a more (not Swiney) pro Devolution leader take the reigns.… Read More

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