Who's The Worst?


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I can't make my mind up who's the worst? The right wing populists like Farage, Truss, Braverman (or somethingish) and Trump who do the Pro Israeli's dirty work for cough whatever reason or the blackmailed Battenburg arse licking ultra remainers like Blair, Cameron, May or indeed the Nat West Chairman who appears to be getting chased out by the populists. One thing IS for sure is that the latter bunch of Battenburg arse lickers have chosen the wrong masque and backed the wrong horses for sure. They sowed their seeds all over me and now it's looking like they are going to reap a very unfortunate harvest! I don't include Boris as a populist as he's in the same Battenburg arse licking camp as his mate Cameron but opportunistically posed as a populist to get his hands on power levers and try to control the agenda as per the wishes of the Battenburg pro Israeli blackmailers (Re Pro Israeli BBC Chairman etc).

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