Whole World Surveillance


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If a uniformed police man were to go round knocking on ordinary, innocent citizens doors and say, look we are just updating our digital database, can you please fill in this online form with all your details, age, sex ethnicity and if you can upload a photo of yourself that would be helpful. While your at it, tell us all about your spouse and your children and upload some photos of them as well. Now that's done who are your friends and family, as much information about them as you can think of and as always photos are a help. Oh yes, tell us where you work and who all your colleagues are!

If that happened and happened to everyone you would be right in thinking that this is a gross invasion of privacy by a police surveillance state.

However, that is exactly the sort of information that everyone (except me) voluntarily uploads to Facebook. (or something) Wake up Sheeple!!! You may have privacy settings that stops strangers seeing your info but it don't stop the Pro Israeli owners of facebook doing as they wish with all that info and I am sure the hypothetical policeman above wouldn't let strangers see your info either!!!!

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