What's The Game?


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Now starting to look like Harry is just on the take, 480,000 books on day 1 at £28 a pop? I ain't no mathematician but I do have a hat! Starting to wonder if he (harry) is throwing his estranged family under a bus or just a money making scam with their cooperation? It is just a lot of tittle tattle really, none of the big stuff about the blackmail and what's been happening to me! but why the need for all this extra money? Then there is Theresa May, what does she need all that money for? What about Cameron eh, Brown, Boris, Rasheed, Salmond, Sturgeon The Irish State Tescos, Morrisons, the Police, Security Services, SAS, NHS and............wow I could go on..........the career I could not have, the wives I wasn't allowed to keep, half a Century of Liberty I can NEVER get back..........the attempts on my life, too numerous to mention, the damage to my health by deliberate poisonings.......Oh yes and trump buzzing me (and my tent) at my forest near Stranraer with AF1 when leaving Turnberry (Prestwick) barely above the trees and opening throttles directly above me! If it wasn't so wet, trees would have ignited!
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