• They're At War With Each Other



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    The only thing that Andrew is not saying is why he was lobbying the Queen to stop Charles becoming King, there MUST be a reason behind it or the Queen would not even listen to him!

    Screenshot from 2022 09 22 10 54 40

    If Diana was indeed 'plotting' with Andrew to stop Charles becoming King, then as far as I am concerned that gives Charles a motive for Diana's murder. No wonder Harry has a bee in his bonnet! Do the right thing now Charles and abdicate before you bring the whole Monarchy down. Or is that your intention???

    You may be able to use your bullying powewrs to win a fight against a mere peasant like me but you can NOT win against your own brother and sons, no matter how much you try and humiliate them, quite simply because you have more to lose (and reasons to lose it) than they do!!!
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