The Most dangerous


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...and unstable Country in the world. I am talking about the (un) United States of America! It is because it is the most militarily powerful but at the same time politically unstable Country that makes it so dangerous!

America is too young to have a patriotic identity, despite all the manic flag waving and leaders still hang on to their Country of origin as much, if not more than their Country of birth (America). Biden, his recent trip and blatant political bias towards Ireland proves this. Others show bias to this Country (UK) while De-Santis eg does not hide the fact he hails from Italy. Of course in my opinion, those like Truman (or something) and L.B. Johnson (or something) who while in office (by dubious means) helped create and perpetuate the State of Israel respectively in between dropping A bombs on civilians and sacrificing (other Americans) in pursuit of global dominance (Korea & Vietnam) are the most dangerous of all!

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