The Good The Bad And The...


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The Good:

Prince William is promising a 'Palace Revolution' to modernise the Monarchy. Good to see that someone is not merely monitoring my scriptures but paying attention to them.

The Bad:

Prince Charles's arse li... sorry biographer Jonathan Dimbleby says that Prince Harry is 'not the brightest'


I say that it is Prince Charles that is 'not very bright' and I am speaking as his long term blackmail victim who has withstood everything a would be Monarch can throw at someone on behalf of his blackmailers. Prince Charles has the mentality of a child, a very spoiled child who is used to getting his own way (until he became blackmailed), yes he is brutal, merciless and ruthless in the way he uses and abuses his inherited powers but with the mentality of someone who's into Wallace & Gromit he can not do 'tactics' and the simple Simon 'bully' tactics that he does use get used over and over again until you are just left yawning and thinking not again. my so called Father used to bully me as a child and he was good at it because he was three times my size but those experiences mean I have 'what it takes' to withstand that antics of a superbully like Prince Charles, so why does he (Charles) not change his tactics?

Simple because he can not, he doesn't have the ability to learn from mistakes and evolve his tactics (like I can) and it is why the Monarchy is stuck in the middle ages! He just can't see that the old fashioned thinking that they (The Royals) are above suspicion and are non accountable & free to do whatever they like however distasteful and anyone who disagrees will get their heads chopped off, no longer applies in the modern world with mass media, public opinion and dangerous blackmailers lurking everywhere. The Monarchy has to modernise or it will die. If this mega scandal ever gets out I tell you it will be down to my judgement whether the Monarchy should live or die but you know my patience is wearing thin and Prince Charles NEEDS to decide whether his own ego or the furure of the Monarchy is more important!

We ALL need to hope that the breath of fresh air that is King William (and Prince Harry) come sooner rather than later and preferably before one of Charles's stooges start WW3!
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