The Balfour Declaration


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This is not an accurate historical account as I am not a historian, it is just my interpretation of events leading to the creation of the Zionist state of Israel. Historians twist the truth to protect the guilty!

Up until 1917 Palestine was part of the Ottoman empire, that is until we (the British) occupied the territory as part of WW1 hostilities, then the then blackmailed Battenburg responsible for the carnage of WW1 got his stooge Balfour to make a commitment to Lord Rothschild (or something), described by historians as a leading UK Zionist, described by me me as a Pro Israeli blackmailer (one of the first) that we (Britain) would guarantee Jews a safe homeland in Palestine. This was later affirmed in the League Of Nations (forerunner to UN). Between 1917 and 1948 Jews lived (peacefully) alongside Palestinians under British rule.

In 1948 after another world war thanks to another blackmailed Battenburg, Jewish US politician Harry Truman (or something) seized power in dubious circumstances after the death of a sitting president and after demonstrating that he means business by dropping two nuclear devices on civilian populated Cities in Japan, he ordered Britain (who never had nuclear weapons at this time) to get out of Palestine and the Zionist State of Israel was born and the Palestinians were moved (as refugees) into Gaza and the West Bank.
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