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Ever since the buncefield fuel storage depot went up in flames in 2005, these unelected sham so called governments have been making up lying bastard excuses as to why we can't get hundreds of thousands of people 3 miles up in the sky at peak times, all sorts of excuses from drones to ice & fog to strikes to traffic controllers. Just tell the fucking truth and stop treating us with contempt, the adults among us WILL understand.

Either build more storage and risk another Buncefield or let the market sort out the peak time fuel shortages by increasing prices at busy times, there are far to many people flying out to nearby locations for short stays.

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I bet you there are tons more CO2 & NO2 excreted from airplanes taking off from London airports than from vehicles that qualify for Khan's tax grab. I should know as no matter where I pitched my tent when I was in London in 2015, Cameron would divert the Heathrow take off flight path directly above my tent and there was a Jumbo taking off roughly every 30 seconds.