Stop Calling Them The Windsors


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It is a mythical name that does not exist except in the place that some of their palaces are. Calling them the Windsors makes them sound British but they are not. They hail from Germany and their name is Battenburg. After being humiliatingly forced to (by Pro Israeli) blackmailers to get this Country to wage war on their own people (Germany) at the beginning of the 20th Century, they changed their name to the English version of Battenburg which is Mountbatten. After they were forced again (through blackmail) to wage war on their homeland in the 1940's, they were so shamed that they changed their name to Windsor in an attempt to Dupe the British public into thinking they were one of them. Even pretending that the blackmailed King (George V1) that caused the WW2 carnage had died at the age of 55 so the (so they thought) unblackmailable Elizabeth Battenburg could rule over us (and especially me).

Prince William is NOT a Battenburg or a Windsor IMO, he is a Spencer and the sooner he takes the reigns the better!

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