Section 6 Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act


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As an indication of how long I have been a 'victim' of blackmailed Royals and the level of Police corruption I had to endure then as I still endure now, between the ages of 16 and 18 (1977-1979) up until Lord Battenburg (Mountbatten) was allegedly blown up by the IRA I used to get arrested almost every week under something called section 6 of the criminal justice (Scotland) act. These powers let the Police detain a suspect for up to 6 hours while they pursue their enquiries! After 6 hours they have to charge or release the suspect. With me they were 'abusing' these powers to appease my so called Father who would otherwise spill the beans about Batttenburg.

They would arrest me on the street after asking me where I was at a certain time as someone fitting my description was seen leaving the scene of a burglary at that time. I would reply that I was at the doctors at that time, easy to check? They would say we are arresting you under section 6 of the criminal justice (Scotland) act, you don't have to say anything blah, blah! Then they would put me in the cell until two minutes before the 6 hours were up, then say, yes your story checked out, you are free to go!

Then a week or so later, they would do it all over again over another imagined crime that I didn't commit.

Of course back then I was too young and Naive to demand a lawyer not that it would have done any good as I now know that everyone, including the Police, dentists, doctors and Lawyers can be knobbled by these powerful blackmailed Royals.
I even got arrested once (not under that act) but for breach of the peace for allegedly farting in Tesco's (or something) after someone allegedly complained. No Joke, they arrested me and a mate who was with me at my so called brothers's (the chosen one) house before I even suspected that he was betraying my trust. Again locked up for several hours and interrogated within an inch of my life by the good cop, bad cop routine before they dropped all charges and released me
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