Rotten Apples


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I am still intrigued as to what the British Establishment are up to with regards to the Tory party and all their rotten apples. Re my theory that thanks to Bliar and Mandelson (or something), it may not be possible to remove Pro Israeli stooge Starmer from the Labour leadership before the election, this is further backed up by the fact favorite to replace Starmer should he lose to the Tories, Rayner is being smeared as she is not a Pro Israeli stooge. which only leaves the Tories, who until now are full of blackmailed,or blackmailed stooge (Conservative friend of Israel) Security threats.

If the current polls were reflected in a general election, this guy and hundreds other like him who are standing down would not need to as they would lose to Labour anyway. Are the Tories clearing the deck for an influx of new untainted MP's? That Can't happen without an electable leader (no not stooge Sanook). Who is he (or she?)

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