Reform Of The Monarchy


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As I have repeatedly said, I am not a republican, just look what happened in America when the Monarchists were defeated? It left a power vacuum that was filled by Pro Israeli people Benjamin Franklin (or something) and Abraham Lincoln (or something) who are causing all sorts of problems in that Country to this day (not to mention two world wars,Korea, Vietnam, Ira....) and those same people are the ones taking advantage of our weak and blackmailed current monarchy and that is why it HAS to be reformed!

It is too late for Charles, his crimes are just too mind blowing and he HAS to go but whoever takes over (William) MUST reform the Monarchy. No longer can these people be above the law and no longer can innocent victims like me be persecuted to protect these people from the Justice they deserve and no longer can the welfare of this Country and it's people be compromised by evil Royal blackmailers!!!
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