Ian Whannel Political Prisoner

You may not have heard of me, that's because only non western state prisoners get talked about. Find out how Prince Charles is being blackmailed and used against me and how the non blackmailed Royals are using me and the blackmail situation to 'fix' elections and referendums. Did the Tories really win all those Labour seats? Did vote leave really win the EU Referendum? Did Salmond really lose the independence referendum?

Protecting their Royal Blackmail Asset


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Pro Israeli blackmailer (Dame) Esther Rantzen (or something) says that princess Diana's brutal murder was down to a few over zealous photographers and not the Mafia style gangsters that (conveniently) call themselves the Royal Family using all the power of the corrupt and blackmailed British State to 'silence' Diana before she blabbers out the truth to the likes of Martin Bashir (if she has not already done so). I believe Mr Bashir is terminally ill. I hope he speaks out soon as the afore mentioned gangsters (and their blackmailers) won't be able to get to him after he is gone.

Why did the BBC give him a job in September 2015 at the same time I was being turfed out on the streets minus all my worldly possessions? Was it to keep him sweet (and silent) I wonder?

As for Rantzen (or whatever) well she would say that now wouldn't she!

As a young man, I used to wonder how someone as untalented and frankly displeasing to the eye could ever get a prime time slot on such a prestigious broadcaster as the BBC?

Of course now I know exactly how she got the job!

If I remember correctly, she could barely talk for those fucking teeth! Slavers everywhere Yuk!

Blackmail is a crime! It should get you jail time, not a glittery career on the BBC, a damehood and the right to tell lies about our Princess!
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