PM in waiting...and waiting...and waiting...


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I should remind Tony (fucking) Blair that I am only the keeper of these election fixing powers and that (unfortunately) it's not me who decides who wins (or not), so you are wasting your time trying to wind me up all the time, but seeing how (as far as I am concerned) the Millibands (or somethings) are Pro Israeli blackmailers and you (Blair) played a part in the brutal assassination of the heir to the throne and most senior non blackmailed Royal's mother, I feel your stooge Starmer may be waiting a while to get his hands on the Downing ST keys!

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I am assuming that your twisted logic tells you that if you can just get shot of me, Starmer will win the next election, you (Blair), the Millibands (or somethings) and the blackmailed King will be in charge and there will nothing that Prince William would be able to do about it.

Well bad news Blair, I ain't frightened of you or your new best mate (Theresa may) or the blackmailers or corrupt protection officers or your COVID or indeed the blackmailed so called King and guess what I ain't going nowhere!

You must know Blair that even wothout me strengthening the (real) powers that be's hand, the blackmailed King's position is untenable as it is not just your Pro Israeli friends that are blackmailing him, all sorts of bad actors (inc Scot Nats and Ireland) are blackmailing him!
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