Penny Mordaunt WILL be the next Stooge


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She has already been chosen to be the next shameless stooge! How do I know? Like Theresa (I'll do it) May and unlike Truss who has two daughters Mordaunt has no children (or shame) and will (presumably) be able to stomach these sickening Royal crimes!

My apologies to Lz Truss but really, she needs to calm her rhetoric down a bit. ...and shame on you Boris, that's all I'm saying, how can you live with that knowledge??? Where are Roger black's missing children boris come on spill the beans, or perhaps you can ask one of those bent as a boxing day turd police chief stooges??? Shame!!!
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I have absolutely nothing to lose by speaking out, I just hope that I can prick the consciences of Tory MP's tomorrow (assuming it's not rigged?) no more stooges, this madness has to end. Fuck Prince Charles!