Operation Saturday


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10th April 2020

Not many people have operations named after them, I have a feeling that I have a few. I can remember these people following me (about2004) and finding it more difficult than usual to shake them off. This is testimony , from an ex MI5 officer who just knew their was something fishy about what was happening to me. He calls me a suspected paedophile (pot. kettle black) I should emphasise that I have no convictions, cautions accusations made or anything of that nature but yes they insinuate this a lot and I can only assume that this is their excuse for treating me this way. Of course the real reasons are well documented by me and my conscience is clear.

“He challenged senior managers when his team was tasked with looking at a suspected paedophile. Ascott considered this beyond the agency’s remit. The operation lasted several weeks, but he says he saw no evidence of child abuse.”

“The surveillance on the suspected paedophile – codenamed Operation Saturday – caused him concern, he says because he couldn’t understand why MI5 was doing it. It involved extremely powerful, wealthy people. It was a very need to know job… We were given the scantest of briefings on it. All of a sudden the job stopped. The trouble with the police is they move from job to job. There was a strong suspicion of corruption within the police (tell me about it) as special branch were being demoted to CID. Whereas MI5 were more trusted.”

It should be noted that special branch although attached to the police, they do not investigate crime (CID do that, I also doubt if they are allowed to poison some ones food and drink for merely being a suspect) no special branch are interested in National Security eg if a politician or senior Royal was being blackmailed. There is no presumed innocent until proven guilty when a blackmailed royal is involved. It is an absolutely fair point though. Why would MI5 (and later SAS) be employed to investigate a suspected criminal when there is a very real terrorist threat??

These extracts are taken from an Interview that ex MI5 agent Robert Ascott gave on Newsnight on Wednesday 15 July 2006 and is available on Iplayer.
Of course, that was then (2004) things are about a million times worse now that I am being used to defeat the wealthy, powerful blackmailers he mentioned plus Nationalists and to take UK out of EU against the will of (pro Israeli) blackmailers.