Occupation not Apartheid


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I have heard Israel's unlawful occupation of Palestine described as 'Apartheid'. This IMO is inaccurate, apartheid is where a distant colonial Power installs a puppet government in a conquered Country, like Britain did in S Africa, India and indeed Palestine pre 1948, apartheid ended in 1948 when Britain was ordered to leave by US President Truman (or something), then it became an occupation by Jewish settlers in a blueprint from the USA when European settlers occupied that country and treated the Native Americans in much the same way as the Zionists are treating the native Palestinians.
Indeed Britain tried to impose Colonial Apartheid type rule in America but were defeated in a Civil war by Jewish President Abraham Lincoln (or something), who imposed the occupation from within as opposed to being ruled from afar model enforced by Britain and that is partly (blackmail as well) why America has such strong support for Israel and their unlawful occupation.

It also proves that war most certainly has benefits for the victors, who share the spoils and the glory, while the losers (Britain in this case) lost everything including (in time) her entire empire!

I am gladdened to see that we 'appear' to be doing something about it, starting with getting rid of those weak, blackmailed Battenburgs that have caused us (and me) so much!

Israel is making the most of the blackmail sun as they can while it is still shining to consolidate their dominance but it WILL start clouding over (for them) soon, I am confident of that!

Empires rise, they fall.....then they rise again!
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