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...the real powers that be that is are not very good at at jigsaws, more pieces are slotting into place but boy is it taking a long time (while I keep suffering) to see the whole picture. Blackmailed King aside, there is still the pressing issue of Starmer and the Blair, Mandelson pro Israeli hold over the Labour party. I STILL say that Starmer has to go. Don't get me wrong he'd probably make a good Justice Sec or Attorney general given his background but (Blair aside), he ain't no leader. His replacement is another important piece of the puzzle, yet to be slotted in. I ain't going to speculate about that.

However I would say that the choice is limited as not many people would have the will, or the bottle to take on these, hopefully soon to be ex blackmailers and sort out the mess that this (once great) Country is in!
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