More Twisted Logic


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Britain in 1944 was at war with a powerful Sovereign state, with a massive army, airforce and navy! We will leave aside the (blackmail) reasons for being at war with Germany for now but Israel is NOT at war with a powerful sovereign state or else it would be at war with itself as Israel are the occupiers of Palestine and the Palestinian people. Israel is attempting to ethnically cleanse the Gaza strip by forcing the terrified civilians into Egypt and elsewhere and although I do not want to play any part of that, I am totally ashamed to say that my corrupt, blackmailed and undemocratic government (and opposition) appears to do so! Stop taking the Piss Israel, you may need allies in the future!



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So I embedded the above video (burden of shame) from YouTube (Rhyming Slang) and it worked perfectly. A couple of hours later, the owner changed the setting so it only works on YouTube! However resourceful me (who doesn't like to let these people win) was able to download the video (not telling you how) and upload it to my own server so no one can touch it.

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