Minority Leaders


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Starting to think that it is no coincidence that we have minority leaders in UK and Scotland (Hindu Muslim respectively) to make sure that the Tories and SNP are defeated once democracy is returned. However, my question is when will it (democracy) be returned as I'm getting bored with this game now.

It is also why the Tories are (presumably) desperate to have yet another change of leader before the election. my guess is, they can't while these powers are in force and that Sanook will have called the election by the time they are cancelled.

All I can say is hurry up.
I still fail to see how handing power to pro Israeli blackmailer Peter Mandelson (or something) and Tony Bliar is going to sort out this mess.

That is the mistake that this Country made in 1997 when my powers were used to oust Major. Surely not going to do the same shit again???