Magic Growth Pill


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This Pro Israeli idiot annoys me with his silly comments. There is no 'magic potion' that will cause an economy that is in recession because of unaffordable debt, high inflation and interest rates to suddenly start sprouting fruit! Cutting taxes may stimulate growth in an economy with good fundamentals over time, but doing it now, with that debt would be a disaster. Any changes would not be reflected anyway before the Tories are forced to call an election.

Changes to the economy won't change the fact that Charles Battenburg is blackmailed, I am his prisoner and if that status Quo prevails, the Tories can do the highland fling and it won't change the 'fixed' outcome. All we need (ever needed) is a credible alternative to the Pro Battenburg Tories! Tony Bliar and his implication in the (Battenburg) murder of Princess Diana is the stumbling block there, that HAS to be overcome!

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