Labour Government In Waiting


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That windfall tax giveaway ain't no Tory Policy? It is almost like we now have a Labour Government in all but name just waiting for them to 'get rid' of their Blairite leader (Beergate) and elect someone with the balls to stand up to Blair and the blackmailers (Who has those Qualities?). Of course none of this can happen until we have a 'blackmail free' Monarchy?

The policy however is flawed as it should only be targeted to the least well off. Blackmailing Billionaires do NOT need $400 of tax payers money to heat their Castles!

In fact I would go further and target those only in extreme need as, the energy problem is to do with supply. Either increase supply or let the market decrease demand. Giving people money that don't really exist will keep demand high and prices along with inflation will continue to increase!
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