• King Charles The Blackmailed



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    My trip to the job center more or less confirms this. Lets just hope it's a short stepping stone to king William the whatever. I doubt if he and his cabinet of unelected right wing nutters and (naming no unpronouncable names) unpatriotic and unqualified bottom of the barrel stooges will last too long, I just hope he doesn't do what his predecessors did and start a major conflict with eg Russia and/or China on behalf of his blackmailers.

    At the job center, first she tried to get me to volunteer to come in more frequently than the current fortnight, that idea was robustly challenged and a new appointment set for two weeks today. She also before the new appointment was agreed started quizzing me on when I will be going to the shops next saying she could kill two birds with one stone by getting me to come in on the same day to which I replied 'actually I quite like birds' she kept pushing for a day until I replied I do not go to the shops until I have literally ran out of food, poisoned or other wise!

    I am going to assume they are anxious to have another go at me before this (top secret) Supreme Court ruling date. I have other ideas. However as well as my powers to fix elections, Referendums, Commons votes, can I really influence constitutional affairs at the Supreme Court? It should be me running around in the Vintage Rolls Royce not that blackmailed waste of space!
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