I've Told You Before


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...Herr Sturgeon, stop putting your crap through my letter box! Even if there was any democracy (which there isn't) do you really think I would risk the wrath of the British Security Services to go and vote for you?
As this SNP guy who put a leaflet through my door included an email address on his leaflet. Unbelievably a Gmail email address? Do the SNP mot have their own domain? Pro Israeli Yanks reading all their emails. They are in cahoots with these blackmailers so I guess it don't make no difference anyhow! Anyway I sent him an email from my own (ian-whannel.co.uk) email address giving him the URL of this website just in case he doesn't already know that his boss (Sturgeon) is an unelected blackmailing dictator who helps 'imprison' people who are a threat to her unlawful reign!