It Can't Always be A Coincidence?


Staff member
So I am being forced to attend the Job Center much earlier than normal tomorrow and guess who is making indiscernible noises again tonight on BBC Radio 4? I guess I should prepare myself for maximum state bullying, intimidation and filthy insinuations tomorrow!
All of the above really but my experience carried me through. Plus they kept me awake all night last with a group of people talking, shouting and giggling all night outside my bedroom window, had to drag my mattress into the lounge to get some (relative) peace. First time that's happened in the almost three years I've been here. The UN say that deliberate sleep deprivation (by a State) is a form of torture. Actually it is more sinister than that! I have mild COVID symptoms from a new strain they gave me (presumably) at the last JC visit 15 days ago. One of the symptoms is a feeling of not enough oxygen in the air compelling you to take a deep breath now and again on previous occasions bad enough so I need to open the window for fresh air some people need oxygen in hospital, luckily I have never been that bad, anyway last night the breathing thing was mild (but still there) and luckily I didn't need to open the window, which infers that they knew when they infected me and they (evil bastards) knew when the symptoms would be at their worst.

On the upside I do not have to go to the JC again until the 5th May. Meanwhile all I can do is wait while Queen Batty's guilty conscience eats away at her!