Hypocritical Or What


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So I just had an ex Israeli defence minister on the usual BBC propaganda slot saying actually we (they) go out of our way to avoid civilian casualties while terrorists (Hamas) fire rockets at them (in self defence). It is not funny so I won't laugh but it is a joke,

First, I am a citizen of a Country that is none of your business Mr Israeli ex defence minister, yet you deliberately target me because I am a threat to your reign of blackmail induced terror. The Palestinians are not occupying your Country, you are occupying theirs Mr Israeli ex defence minister. Not content with that you are forcibly evicting them from their homes and taking more and more of their land. It is YOU that is the terrorist Mr Ex Israeli defence (or is that offence) minister.

Leave the poor (relatively) defenceless Palastinians alone and leave me alone Mr Israeli ex defence minister. Iwas tought to never give in to bullies and always fight back, that is what I am doing and that is what the Palestinians are doing.

One day Mr ex Israeli defence minister, I WILL deprive you of all your blackmail assets and we shall see how 'tough' you are then. Fucking bullies, nothing worse!