Homeless Again


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So the SNP have just sent a housing official to my door, demanding to be allowed in as is her right as my landlord, I pointed out that in actual fact you have to give me 24 hours notice, when she said ok I will come back tomorrow, I said no you won't you will need to get a court order as I am a political prisoner and I wish to have my political status clarified in a court of law! Then she started questioning my mental health saying 'are you ok' and are you sure you're ok' etc. The SNP have tried (and failed) twice to have me sectioned under the mental health act and I feel I should get out of Scotland (my home Country) again before they have another go. It is terrible that I am being put through this homeless crap again at my age over a blackmailed royal and a corrupt unelected SNP government.It does mean that this site will rarely, if ever get updated. I will not give further details about where or when my tent and I intend going for obvious reasons.
I have made contingency plans to leave at short notice if I need to but I will wait and see what the blackmailers do next! They posted a funeral leaflet through my door this morning.

I am also well aware that there are two by-elections next Thursday.