His Route Out


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I have been consistently saying for quite a while now that two things need to happen before the General election, one that Keir Starmer has to be replaced as leader of the Labour party so that there is a non Blairite credible alternative to the Tories. This has not yet happenned and secondly that the blackmailed so called King has to be gone before the election. We still don't know the mechanism for Starmers departure but the blackmailed king's route out has now become clear. I do not believe that he has cancer, it is just his chosen route out, the only other options were to abdicate or face the blackmail music I am going to assume that after his alleged death, he will be exiled up in Balmoral or somewhere I don't care, it me or him, it's this Countries welfare or him for that matter, he has to go. It all seems to be carefully choreographed to coincide with these upcoming elections here and in America
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