He Was The Mistake


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Granting a section whatever order to the unelected SNP who were only in power through blackmailing a Battenburg or two so they could hold an independence Referendum was not a mistake, it was deliberate and premeditated! It was also underhanded and unlawful as you were never elected in a GE and Scottish independence was never in your manifesto! As such, you would never have got away with it if the Battenburgs were not blackmailed....and no you have not said sorry, now like Blair, you are shit scared of a non blackmailed monarch assuming power! So stop hiding behind this phony transgender bullshit, man up and own up to your misdemeanors Mr Brown. Will sorry be enough though?

It was not you who was (still is) under attack by Salmond and the SNP, it was me! I (unwittingly) held the security powers to fix the Referendum against the SNP, so I took the flak.

What was this mistake anyway that you have allegedly apologised for? Oh yes, the £60Billion RBS mistake!

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