Germany's Problem


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This 'appeared' on an RSS feed on one of my websites. I am not saying it was 'fed' to me but...

"BERLIN — Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has been nominated to join the board of directors at Gazprom, the state-owned Russian energy company behind the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
Gazprom published an official list of nominees on Friday, saying the names would be voted on in June during a shareholders’ meeting in Saint Petersburg.
The news came a week after Schröder — a long-time friend of Vladimir Putin and who holds senior positions at Nord Stream and Rosneft made headlines by saying on his podcast that Ukraine, not Russia, was “saber-rattling.”
Schröder was mocked for his comments from within Germany, which itself has been criticized for a perceived softness toward Putin at a time when Ukraine remains surrounded by a huge — and still growing — mass of Russian troops and weapons.
Schröder’s Gazprom nomination angered his opponents, with the chair of the defense committee in parliament, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, suggesting he should be stripped of the pension he receives as an ex-chancellor.
“It’s time to start thinking about withdrawing Gerhard Schröder’s allowance as a former chancellor,” Strack-Zimmermann, who is from the liberal Free Democrats (FDP), wrote on Twitter “He harms the country he is meant to serve and willingly accepts more than good pay for it from an autocrat.”"

My first thoughts are what the fucks it got to do with Bob Dylan? It just shows though that Germany has the same problem as us, only unlike us it is not because of blackmail, they have been running the joint since they 'won the war' back in 1945 and Germans (for historical reasons) are frightened to say thank you very much but we will manage now! again like with us, you won't get anyone called 'Fritz' in the Israeli parliament telling Israel who they can or can't buy their gas from?
Israel has her finger in the pie of every major western country and organisation with Blinken, Raab, Zimmermann, Stoltenberg, Murdoch, Zuckerberg, Schultz (google). I bet you there's a lot more?
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