Feeling Used



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Starting to look like I have been used by the now King Charles to do something he never could have had he ascended to the throne back in 2009. What I mean is, he could never have wrestled (his) UK's sovereignty back from the EU without my blackmail induced powers to fix General Elections and especially Referendums and probably would have lost Scotland to the SNP.

I am going to have to assume (although it's yet to be proved) that it was his (Charles's) Father who was being blackmailed and by association (Marriage) the Queen herself or else he surely would not be allowed to ascend to the throne! Also as if by coincidence all the blackmailers (Except Braverman) have disappeared from Government just before the Queen passes.

So what about his (Charles's) encounter with me outside HCP which was a precursor to the same thing happening again by Cameron, Benn, Thornberry and Rudd. Was he just testing how I would react or would his protection officers really have shot me if I went near him? Surely not if it was he (back then) who was relying on me to deliver Brexit.

The poisoned food which occurred on day two of this new PM's tenure but a day before King Charles's reign is not good. I just need to wait and see if my circumstances change?
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