Easter What's That Again


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Just like I don't have a clue about Hindu festivals, what qualifies him to comment about Easter?

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It is the real reason he does not have a cat in hell's chance of winning a UK General Election. Nothing to do with Racism, he's of a different culture and politics are about majorities, not minorities. This is a majority Christian Country with a Christian??????????? Monarchy and if the British people get a proper chance to vote, that WILL be reflected.

I do not understand why the British public have not yet worked out the Goldsmith (or something) clue but when they do, there WILL be trouble!

I notice that none of our Jewish heirs are at this Christian festival. It is an impossible situation with no obvious solution. Rasheed Sanook can be voted out King Soloman can not!

What A F*king mess this Country is in and it's all thanks to the blackmailed Battenburgs!
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