Did I Trigger The COVID Pandemic?


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Inadvertently of course! I have reported here and elsewhere, many times including before the pandemic took off in 2019 how I thought they were spraying a breathing irritant around my house in Coupar Angus Aug - Nov 2016 that made it so difficult for me to breath even with all doors and windows open that I made myself intentionally homeless and how it took a fortnight in the clear air of the forest for it to clear up. Those symptoms, a tickle at the back of your throat impelling you to cough and a strange desire to take the occasional deep breath despite being at rest are the same symptoms that I get with COVID now although they (symptoms) are a lot milder now presumably due to immunity, they are never the less the same or very similar symptoms and you have to remember that COVID is primarily a respiratory virus. I was symptom free during the stint at the Perth Forest but in Stranraer forest in an old railway hut, the following year 2017-18 I had those symptoms again and I had them at homeless accomodation at Newton Stewart Aug-Nov 2018, again I thought they were spraying an irritant, Then I moved here and was symptom free for a while as I had my lounge padlocked but then the symptoms returned late 2019 before the pandemic took off! Did I (inadvertently) spread the virus around, make your own minds up???

Seems to me like they really were playing with fire trying to take me out with a dangerous but transmissible man made virus and they got burned to the tune of a (Tory estimate) of 400 Billion pounds in this Country alone (cause of COL crisis now)!!! Not to mention everyone ironically apart from me who have paid the ultimate price for the deliberate actions of these evil, evil people who MUST be defeated at any cost!!!
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