Croatia To Crimea


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The President of Croatia which is an EU and NATO member said that the tanks being sent to Ukraine are not to defend against Russian aggression as claimed in the Western media (propaganda) but will be used in an attempt to re-take Crimea from Russia. The US has said it is delaying sending tanks for a year and are refusing to send F-16's, why? Simple Russia has sophisticated air defence systems in Crimea and the US knows that without state of the art stealth bombers to sneak in and take out the air defences, mere F-16's would get shot down. Also because Russia controls the skies over Crimea, the tanks (our tanks) won't last five minutes!

Also, the reason that Israel backed Ukraine are so desperate (thanks to tanks and money from our blackmailed Monarch and his stooge PM) to take back Crimea is so that if Western Countries like Britain get a legitimate, democratic gov (without blackmailed monarchy) we can't negotiate with Russia over the removal of missiles and forces from Kaliningrad. Our so called ally Israel would prefer to have Russian Nuclear missiles in Kaliningrad pointed at Germany (and the UK)

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