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So yesterday I was commenting how Israel through coercion (blackmail) and the use of force now dominate most of the world including Britain, USA, Western Europe and Japan (after WW2) the only two powers they have failed to conquer is Russia and China. Almost immediately after their gains of WW2 under Truman (or something) who assumed power (as VP) after the death of a sitting president tried to take China via Korea but failed. In the 60's L.B. Johnson (or something) who also assumed power as VP after the assassination of a sitting president had another go at China, this time through Vietnam with disastrous results. Now we have the current situation in Taiwan with US provocation in that sensitive region and this is the silly headline that the right wing (or something) press are propagating!

"How China could STARVE Taiwan into submission... or carry out the biggest, most unimaginably violent amphibious assault the world has ever seen as part of Beijing’s bid for global dominance, according to military expert"

Oh yes and did I mention that Truman (or something) dropped not one but two nuclear devices on Japanese Cities causing unimaginable death both immediate and long term (radiation) to innocent civilians after the war was all but over. If THAT is not a war crime, I do not know what is??? ....but you know, it is only those who lose the war that have to sit in a kangaroo war crime court!!!
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...and just for the record, Israel was formed in 1948 under the Presidency of Truman (or something) and the mid 60's Arab Israeli wars where Israel 'stole' land from several Arab Countries happened under the Presidency of L.B Johnson (or something)