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I have noticed that the Irish T-shirt has been replaced in a bloodless coup and now the N. Irish Unionist leader has been forcibly removed by dirt the Security Service clearly have had on him (why was he made a knight?). I hope there is not a plan to implement my idea for conditional Irish unification in return for Ireland joining the UK (instead of the EU) single market. It was my idea and I should get the credit. I don't know if the previous Irish leader would oppose such a plan but that Unionist guy may well have.

It is also the only comprehensive solution to the Irish problem, if implemented correctly. You just can't have EU forces at a UK border (N.Ireland), not to mention the economic and political disparity between the two territories while Eire is in the EU
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It is also why the unelected, basically terrorist orgonisation that is the SNP (in power through blackmail not democracy) has to go, the devolved Scottish economic and political set up within the UK single market is working fine and if the (divisive) SNP got their way, it would be like N.Ireland on steroids as Scotland is physically part of the main UK island of Great Britain.