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Boris Johnson flew in his private jet to COPP so as to change the subject from sleaze to him planting some fucking trees so that the next generation will have plenty of wood to burn while perpetuating global warming!

What is this crap about co2 anyway, while that may have a minimal effect on warming, I mean do you heat your house with co2??? No I use heat from a fire and it's heat that causes global warming end of!!! Don't matter if it's green, brown or pink! Everything (including humans) that emits heat causes global warming. The heat all goes into the sea (water conducts heat) then is re-emited as the seas warm up!
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Think abot this? If you grow a tree, it absorbs co2 from the atmosphere, turns it into carbon. You set fire to it and you get two things co2 and heat. grow another tree and it absorbs the same co2 that you released burning the previous tree but NOT the heat. Set fire to the second tree and you release the SAME co2 but a second helping of heat. Planting trees perpetuates global warming not the other way around!

How come no one gets that? It seems rather elementary to me!
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The real problems are with hydrocarbons (oil) Contrary to the propaganda they are more hydrogen than carbon (hence the name) Methane eg is CH4 or 4 parts hydrogen to one part carbon, it's the hydrogen that makes it a gas as carbon is a solid and when you burn hydrogen you only get water (h2o) but you still get heat which of course is what causes global warming.

...the only time that humans will stop burning hydrocarbons is when it runs out.