Climate Change Propaganda


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Why are people, including intellectuals who should know better still peddling the lie that greenhouse gases cause climate change? Yes it may have a slight effect but unsurprisingly in actual fact it is heat that causes global warming, I mean if you are cold in the winter, do you fill your house with greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and Methane or do you just put the heater on? Global warming is caused by heat generation and it don't matter if it's caused by burning fossil fuels, splitting the atom (Nuclear) or electricity from so called green wind turbines. Or for that matter animals (including humans) eating carbon based food. Did you know that an adult human generates an average 150 watts of heat during their entire life and there are billions of us. When you generate heat, it goes into the air (atmosphere) but because water is a better conductor of heat than air, it transfers into the seas. Of course because the seas and oceans are so vast, they at first soak up all the heat from the air so it seems like warming just ain't happening but eventually the seas and oceans will get warmer as we keep on generating new heat until (like now) the seas start heating the air up like what a hot bath does to your bathroom.

Or to put it a different way, if you have a nice centrally heated house and fill up your bath with freezing cold water, then wait several days while keeping the house warm, eventually the bath water will soak up the heat until it becomes the same temperature as the centrally heated house, that is what's happening with the Oceans only on a much bigger scale.

Oil is such a precious but finite resource that greedy western leaders will keep on putting out the greenhouse gas bullshit theory to deter people (other than themselves) from burning it. AKA Musk (or something) forcing us to drive his toy cars.

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