Blackmailed Pervert


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Prince Philip's Uncle (mother's brother) and the Queen's cousin (wow). I was his blackmail 'victim' all through my young years up until his alleged assassination by the IRA in 1979 while rumoured to be 'entertaining' young boys from Belfast's Kincora (British State run) care home in his boat off the coast of N. Ireland.

Also potential explanation for Myra Hindley's missing 'boys' in the 60's.

It also means that King Charles (also blackmailed) potentially has two chances of inheriting his (Mountbatten's) dodgy pervert Genes from his Father (also blackmailed Pervert) and from his Mother (Mountbatten's Cousin and blackmailed by association). Oh yes and did I forget to mention the Queen's father (also blackmailed pervert) who got his stooge Churchill to wage all out war on behalf of his blackmailers that cost literally millions of lives!

(Gullible) people think Churchill was some kind of hero???

I say good riddance to the perverted war mongering, innocent civillian persecuting Mounbatten's (Battenburg's) and hello to William & Kate. Ah the fresh air!

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