At War With The Nazi's


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Our so called defence Secretary inbetween saying we have bigger and better nuclear bombs than Russia, I mean what's he trying to say, we can kill every Russian twice but he can only kill every Brit (apart from those with bunkers) once. He also referenced the word 'Nazi' several times, saying that his fellow right wing politician, Putin claims he is up against 'Nazi's in Ukraine. It just doesn't compute. That term for Germany's far left nationalist socialist party of the 30's and 40's is historic and I don't understand how he (or Putin) can be referring to Zelenskky (or something) as a 'Nazi', it just seems abhorent, perverse and disrespectful taking into account the fact that he (Zelenskky or something) is of the Jewish faith.

Indeed the closest we have to a Nationalist Socialist dictatorship in Europe today is of course the unelected SNP! Hence my repeated reference to Herr Sturgeon and her gestappo friends that are imprisoning and persecuting me!
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