Are The Spencers Trying To Entrap me now?


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First we had all that crap about his cough 'experiences' at a privileged and extremely expensive private school. Now he has uploaded a video of his PJ clad daughter to a news outlet, that I am known to frequent to get the 'other side' of the story Was he hoping I would click on it. Sorry to disappoint you Mr Spencer but I have no interest in your daughter whether or not she is pyjama clad and like I have said before, those that use their children to do their own dirty work are the most shameful people of all. go and hang your head in shame!

Clearly the Spencer family would prefer a half Jewish, Monarch (with Spencer blood) than no Monarch at all. Consider your card well and truly marked Mr Spencer. Don't dare blame me because you failed to notice that the Battenburgs were fitting your relative (William) up with an unsuitable (for the British Monarchy) wife!

Not only do I not take kindly to people (like you) trying to entrap me but the insinuation is rather insulting as well!

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