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Wow, I have to be careful where I tread! Are they hoping I will agree with that policeman, or even expand. NO I have stated many times that Hitler was anti-semitic and what he did to the Jewish people was unforgivable and that flag (swastika) is forever sinonimous with Hitler and his regime and in that context it is anti-semitic.

I will re-iterate that I am not anti-semitic in that I have no dispute with ordinary Jewish people. I am however anti Zionist as I believe that they (Zionists) have no right to impose themselves on other people and their land. What Israel is doing in Palestine right now is very similar to what Hitler was doing to them, only on a smaller scale. I am also vehemently opposed to a minority of Jewish people (usually Zionists) imposing their will on other Countries (including mine) by blackmail and coercion or by military force, while enriching themselves at the expense of others.

If you wish to call me anti-semitic for that, go ahead, I've been called worse (by them) believe me!

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