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...are they hoping I am going to concur with this? NO I am not, you can't fake multiple deaths and injuries! This atrocity certainly happened. My biggest concern as with other similar atrocities (Jo Cox one week before fixed EU Referendum eg) is the timing, only days before Theresa May's fixed against her election. My biggest concern is that the security services (and May) knew this was going to happen and chose to do nothing or worse as reported in American press at the time, waiting for an 'Asian' guy to be in the queue before detonating bomb.

You just HAVE to assume that like with Cox, it is some kind of sick protest at elections and Referendums being fixed against them. Then Grenfell not long after the fixed May election. It all just sucks!

If anyone is sick, it is the blackmailed Battenburgs for putting their own selfish blackmail 'reasons' above innocent people, including in this case children.

Prince Andrew, go ahead and remarry your sweetheart but abandon ALL fantasies about grabbing the Crown for the Battenburgs!

As has been well and truly proved in Gaza and the West Bank, Pro Israeli blackmailers do NOT give two shits about the innocent, including children!

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