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How can Biden get a summary execution without a trial confused with justice???

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While you have to condemn the evil terrorists who kill innocent people for political reasons, it is the people (or something) who turned a 'blind eye' with regards to intelligence about that atrocity (9,11) because they had wider strategic aims (Iraq, Afghanistan) that should be facing some kind of Justice! Not only did they know it was going to happen (and did nothing about it) but they had a French film crew waiting to film it happening for the news media and they staged an attack on the Pentagon to make (their case for attacking Iraq and Afghanistan) more credible. It has to be the most shameful thing of the 20th Century(although just in 21st), if not ever! Of Course it was (Sir???????) Blair who made the blueprint at Omagh a few years earlier by ignoring intelligence (actually a coded warning) and just letting the terrorists 'blow up' innocent people to stop their campaign.

Meanwhile Prince Charles says 'thank you' for a million pound donation from the family of Osama Bin Laden?
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This has Israel Written all over it, it is what they do to Palestinian leaders that they don't like!

...or anyone who opposes their blackmail fueled lust to dominate! should I be worried about one of these missiles the next time I go to the shops? Someone (other than me) needs to stand up to these people, they are evil and they are greedy, worlds richest man (men)???...but most importantly they are EXTREMELY dangerous RE WW1 & WW2, Hiroshima, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam
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