Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right


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First I will defend Rasheed Sanook for what he said about the Scottish nationalists, then I will attack him for what he said about Pro Palestinian Protesters.

Scotland's new unelected first dictator John Swine(ee) has asked Sanook to withdraw these remarks!


No Mr Swin(ee) those remarks are factual, you are trying to tear the UK apart, actually it's not even the whole truth as there is no mention of how you seized (unelected) power through blackmail and coercion!

As for Sannok saying extremists are trying to undermine freedom of speech and in the next breath calling protesters exercising that right to free speech, extreme anti Semites. No Rasheed, I have seen little evidence of anti semitic behaviour by protesters exercising their right to freedom of speech. IE they are NOT calling for actions against innocent Jewish people, they are protesting the unfolding genocide in Gaza and the West Bank and the unlawful Zionist occupation of Palestinian territory. That (IMO) is right and proper.

The from the river to the sea chant that I assume you are referring to is not anti-Semitic, it is anti Zionist as it refers to how the maps looked prior to the Pro Israeli unlawful seizure of Palestinian land in 1948 that created the State of Israel and 750,000 Palestinian refugees, the descendants of whom are still being mistreated in refugee camps in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon.

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Up until recently, I have been of the view that there should be a two state solution based on 1967 borders, but the more Liberties these right wing Zionists take with regards to Gaza and the West Bank and how they are using blackmail not only to arm themselves at Western tax payers expense but are making a mockery of International law and the UN, with their, we're immune, you can't touch us attitude, the more I am coming to the view that the unlawful Zionist State should not exist at all. A one State solution if you like. Palestine. I bet you I am not the only one either who's anti Zionist view is hardening and Israel and their war criminal leaders are to blame as they just will not compromise.

Today is the 76th anniversary of the Nakba (Catastrophe in English) when three quarters of a millions Palestinians were forced out of their homeland into refugee camps in Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon and elsewhere by armed pro Israeli settlers in 1948. Not long after Jewish US president Truman did what he did to Civilian cities in Japan, it is (IMO) why non Nuclear armed at that time Britain, just let Truman and the settlers get on with it. We had mo choice!
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