The Horrors Of Pro Israeli wars


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In Ukraine and in Palestine. If our shameful stooge politicians had opened a diplomatic dialogue with Moscow instead of handing Zelensky a blank cheque to spend at the weapons store, these poor innocents may not have had to die.


Like I have been saying all along, Russia is not Palestine! You can't just bomb it with impunity! Russia is a nuclear armed superpower and Ukraine does not have a cat in hell's chance of defeating Russia, with or without Western supplied weapons. The only way Russia could potentially be defeated is by all out war with the whole of NATO! Or to put it another way WW3. Furthermore if Russia is heading towards a WW2 style humiliating defeat, she WILL use her Nuclear arsenal and that is why these (dangerous) Pro Israeli blackmailers not Russia MUST be defeated!
...and Starmers unelected government is saying that reform UK, with their measly 5 MP's are a threat to Britain's national Security because they don't want to start a war with nuclear armed Russia?
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