Starmer Speaks With Forked Tongue


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He says he is in favour of recognizing a Palestinian state as part of as peace deal with Israel that leads to a two State Solution, while all the time he knows fine that NetinYeeha and the extreme Zionists who prop him up will never accept a peace deal that includes a two State scenario. Furthermore, such a deal can not be imposed on Israel, while they have a blackmail hold on the US Veto at the UN.

If Srarmer was serious about taking on this rogue Regime and Pariah State, he would unilaterally recognize Palestine as a State, like Spain, Norway and many other Countries have done.
I also noticed that he (Starmer) is calling for a ceasefire but is that because he , his wife and his pro Israeli overlords believe that what Israel is doing is wrong or because they have intelligence related information (as opposed to my mere insight) that blackmailers friend Biden is about to be replaced by potentially not so blackmailer friendly Kamala Harrris?