Protect The Children


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No, I'm not talking about Sanook and Starmer, Children should be protected by law from this transgender crap, if they are not old enough to drink booze, smoke or decide that Sanook is a crap PM and Starmer is a blackmailer's stooge, then they are not old enough to make life changing decisions about their gender! Children who are 'normal' but different get bullied, that's a sad fact. Children who are male but look female or vica versa will certainly get bullied as that tragic case emphasizes. No good blaming social media or anything else, it should be unlawful for under 18's. Staranger adults in authority do NOT have a child's best interest, if they suggest that they should mess with their Gender and (some) parents just didn't get the gender they hoped for and children need protecting from that as well.

As the 'who' song from the early 70's (before this transgender crap) goes "I'm a boy I'm a boy but my mama won't admit it...I'm a boy, I'm a boy but if I say I am I get it"

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